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Week 51: Drawing A Day (Days 351-357)

You guys, next week is the end of the project. One full year of drawings. Since it's a leap year, I'm actually posting 366 drawings - you're welcome for the bonus drawing! For those that are counting, I started posting drawing on December 15, 2015 - so this upcoming Wednesday will be my last submission.

I've been thinking a lot about this project - why I started it, why I continued it and what it means to finish it.

At the time that I posted my first drawing, I felt that my life was at a standstill - professionally and personally. I needed to feel movement and success as I was trying to cope with a series of disappointments that had gotten the better of me more days that I'd care to admit. In addition, since working at the Kauffman Center, most of my work has a large impact, which is where I thrive. I love collaborating with other organizations, artists and working in space and delivering a mission that has forever changed the KC skyline and arts community. But, with large projects come complex systems. There are lots of moving parts and sometimes the feeling that creation is slow and big can take me further from a feeling of accomplishment.

So, this project started (unintentionally) last December and propelled me to accomplish three things:

1. Allow me to be present each day by giving myself time to reflect, create and execute.

2. Do something from start to finish that I could share with others that had no agenda, ticket price or expectation.

3. Revisit 2-dimensional art - where it began for me and where I realized that I was an artist.

Looking back on the past year I'm no where near where I was when I started. So much has changed. I moved professionally and personally and was thrown so many obstacles that could have easily steered me off course. Maybe the impact of the project is small, but the completion feels big. I am more focused and determined by this project and it's given me the confidence to pursue other dreams. It was tedious. It was demanding to be present - every single day. But, there was nothing forcing me to do it other than myself and I had no rules other than to draw something each day and post it to social media (for accountability). I will have been met with a white page 366 times with no expectations from anyone or anything and this has felt freeing, confining and draining - all at the same time. I appreciate the support of those that have followed each day. I've heard from my friends and family that these drawings have been "something to look forward to" and for that I'm grateful and humbled to have had a small space in your lives each day this year. I love that friends have shared this with their children and one shared that his daughter was inspired to draw her own version of a drawing I posted, so the fire has ignited others - which is probably the most rewarding part of my year. If seeing one of these drawings has brought you joy, happiness or just a relief from the weight of the political season, your job or the responsibilities of adulthood - then, I couldn't ask for more. It's an intentional approach to life that I try to share - one with humor, honesty and compassion. Some days I feel I do this better than others, but I'm still a work in progress. Trying to find the fun and play in each day - that's my personal mission.

Thank you for allowing me to share something with you each day and for allowing me to share my journey. I don't know that another 365 project is in my future, but for now, I'm happy to soon cross this challenge off of my bucket list and focus on other things.

Happy holidays to you and yours. May you find joy in the pursuit of what challenges you in 2017 and beyond.

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