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Week 49: Drawing A Day (Days 337 - 343)

Let me tell you, there's a lot more Halloween-themed ideas thank Thanksgiving-themed ideas in the world. I thought I would have several weeks of festive fall drawings, but outside of a turkey, pilgrims and some leaves - there isn't much, folks. Our new house has an enormous porch and I made Chris go with me to pick out some mums to decorate. We went during BOGO mum day (who knew?!) and I sort of lost my mind at Suburban Lawn and Garden. We left 45 minutes later with four pumpkins, six large mums and two hay bales. Chris could barely see out of the Jeep because I had two mums on my lap - both were spilling into his line of vision jeopardizing our safety.

It was worth it. Once home, I created our 2016 harvest mountain. It was glorious. Some may say I went a little over board, but honestly - can you have too many mums? Is that a thing? And, why is there 50 kinds of mums? It's obvious that in order to maximize your enthusiasm for fall you have to buy more than one. And really, I only bought three since it was BOGO day. Three were free, so really they don't count. So, what I lacked in fall drawings, I made up for in a fall foliage display that would bring a tear to Martha Stewart's eye.

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