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Week 48: Drawing A Day (Days 330 - 336)

Election week was by far the most emotional and trying week of the project. I didn't feel like drawing. I didn't feel like doing much at all. From what I can recall, I staggered around trying to cope with my feelings and making an effort to find some path of hope in the darkness that had been cast over the country. I felt like I fell down the political rabbit hole and became more confused and lost than before. So, this inspired me to try my hand at drawing characters from one of my favorite stories - Alice and Wonderland. It seemed like appropriate madness given the circumstance. Looking back, taking time to draw this week gave me time to reflect and process. Most importantly, it gave me time to think of all the good that happens every day and all of the great people that I know that brings positive impact to the community.

Chin up, America.

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