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Week 47: Drawing A Day (Days 323 - 329)

I'm back to updating the blog - hurray! I fell behind which was partially due to a load of activities, meetings and social events that were squeezed in before the Thanksgiving holiday. As I started November's drawings, I realized how close I was to completing this project - I can almost taste it. Looking back on this year, I probably couldn't have picked a worse year to take this challenge. I moved my house, I moved my office, I took a two week vacation to Europe, a short week in NYC, a long week in Colorado and throughout the madness of home renovation, house settling and becoming a landlord - I still managed to get through the project. I know I shouldn't count my chickens before they hatch, but pending no unforeseen disasters, I am rounding out third and heading into the home stretch.

This week was a mishmash of drawings which is to be expected when you sit down to draw your 320-something drawing. Enjoy!

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