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Week 46: Drawing A Day (Days 316 - 322)

I can't believe it. I'm actually caught up on the blog! This is amazing! I feel as excited as the Chicago Cubs right now playing in game 7 in the World Series. GO CUBS!

So, I've been toying around with the possibility of making prints of some of my drawings - just in time for the holidays! Several people have asked me if I wanted to sell these doodles and I've been pretty stubborn to say "this is about the creative habit, not a profit." But, that said, I'm posing the question to the Facebook universe - would you buy a print/copy of any of these doodles? I don't want to start investigating something that isn't really worth the time, but I'd like to gauge the interest of my Facebook network. No, I don't want an Easy shop, nor do I want to buy booth space at the Westport Art Fair. But, I may test out selling a few to friends. So let me know. I may test making a few copies just to see how they would turn out...

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