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Week 45: Drawing A Day (Days 309 - 315)

I watched the TV movie remake of the Rocky Horror Picture Show that aired on FOX and although it started strong, the interpretation quickly took a wrong turn. Did you happen to watch it? I kept rooting for the concept - introducing millions of new viewers to the cult classic, but unfortunately after "Over At The Frankenstein Place" the show just became a Glee scrubbed all to literal interpretation of the 1975 original. Laverne Cox (although wonderful in Orange Is The New Black) couldn't compete with Tim Curry's Frank-N-Furter and her entrance was so clunky and bad there was just no recovery.

This has nothing to do with the drawing a day project this week, but now that I think about it - I should have tried to draw Tim Curry as Frank-N-Furter instead of a ghost or werewolf. I mean, does it get more Halloween-y than the Time Warp?

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