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Week 43: Drawing A Day (Days 295 - 301)

Chris and I vacationed to Estes Park with his family, so these drawings come to you from a much higher altitude. Changing up the landscape helped get the creative juices flowing as we stayed in a pretty posh cabin with an incredible view of the mountains. We had more than one elk and deer sighting and everywhere you looked was a pun-ny sign like "I Find You A-Moose-Ing". This is Estes Park humor. Ironically, I did see a bear my first day while gasping for air on a all-up hill 5k "run". I put run in quotes because it was more like a slog up a small strip of pavement which ended up including a 15 minute break of me taking photos of the bear and yelling back at Chris while exclaiming "Do you see this? He's FOAMING at the mouth!" Isn't this "UN-BEAR-LIEVABLE!"

I do love a good pun.

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