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Week 36: Drawing A Day (Days 246 - 252)

So, although I can't count - I can say my ABCs. So, I decided to do an alphabet series. It was a good challenge to tackle a longer series of drawings and it lasted for 26 days. I'm updating the blog while watching the movie Charlie's Angels and I'm feeling smarter by the minute and much more confident about my counting abilities. For those who haven't seen the film - don't bother. Basically, Cameron Diaz' character is a bobblehead in leather pants and Drew Barrymore decided to keep her little girl from ET lisp into adulthood which is disappointing. Must be a bummer to have peaked at 7 years old. Occasionally Tim Curry makes a smarmy face which is about the highlight of the whole movie. If CounterClockwise Comedy was still around, this would have definitely been a perfect roast film.

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