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Week 35: Drawing A Day (Days 239 - 245)

Back on the blog and catching up on the most recent drawings. In doing so, I found an error in my daily counting system that has resulted in good news - 10 more drawings and bad news - 10 more drawings. For those that have been following along, I typically post these drawings in the morning. My preference is to post before work so that I can go about my day with a small feeling of accomplishment. That said, somewhere along the line I jumped 10 drawings. This happened before I had coffee or saw daylight, so the best thing I can do is admit it and move on. Also, no one else noticed, but instead of letting it go, the girl scout in me told the truth. Not even my husband who is much better at math than I am noticed. So, although I can't seem to count past 239 or so, I can correct my error through the blog. There's a lot to be said for a system of checks and balances.

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