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Week 34: Drawing A Day (Days 232 - 238)

We have been a cable-less household for about four years and it's been great. I don't watch a lot of television which I understand is very un-American. Also, when I do have it, I end up binge-watching the Barefoot Contessa until my eyes bleed. That said, it was fine to not have cable until the Royals were in the running for the World Series. Chris was going crazy because he couldn't watch the games from the comfort of his own couch (a male tragedy). So, I know he developed the right approach when he started testing the waters with me as the Olympics were approaching. He knows I love the Olympics and if anything would get me to say "yes" to cable, it would be the novelty of the Rio games. He won. But, I tried to put up a fight if only because I'm the dramatic one in the relationship and I felt it was necessary.

That said, my drawing a day project migrated to the couch and chair and coffee table and floor and pretty much the entire living room. Chris has been living in the project for a little over a month when he passively mentioned it to me today "Your stuff is all over the living room."

He didn't say "You should clean this up!" or "Can you do something about this?!" Both responses I would have said weeks ago.

So today I unpacked the last of my office and moved the project back to my desk. I'd hate for Chris to escalate his disapproval with a stern request or even a holler. He's so patient with me. So, it's back to the drawing board instead of the drawing couch.

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