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Week 33: Drawing A Day (Days 225 - 231)

I was lucky enough to have an amazing European vacation with my family this year. We sailed on the Danube and hit several cities starting in Budapest and ended in Prague. Needless to say I didn't know about this trip when I started this project in mid-December and I knew I had to plan to keep up with the drawing a day project. When I say plan, I mean I had a series in mind that wouldn't take me over an hour a day to complete. No matter what, I wasn't going to spend lots of time in Europe drawing elaborate detailed cartoons or celebrities. The series idea was "We Go Together Like __ & ___" and I had a few pairs to get started, but also did a Facebook poll of my friends to see if I could get a few more. I received various answers of inappropriateness (thanks, guys). My favorite was "midwesterners and ranch dressing" which was a great suggestion but not very practical for my limited colored pencil and sharpie skills. Internet was spotty at best while traveling, but I did manage to post each day. Most of you weren't aware of my overseas travel and posting challenges but that made it fun too. Oh, and FYI - Prague is a hotbed of Pokemon. I've played enough to understand the game but having a day job has really put a damper in my gym conquering dreams. Go Team Valor! I could only catch so many bellsprouts before I decided I was over it. But, in spirit of staying current - here's a few pokemon too.

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