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Week 32: Drawing A Day (Days 218 - 224)

I'm still working on getting caught up, so here's another trip down my 'drawing a day' memory lane. This week I did a mini series of my favorite comedians (plus a bonus pirate) which was great fun. I could have easily drawn 20 more comedians but I get bored fairly easily and didn't want to be on a comedy burn-out. If you'd like more comedians, let me know, but don't ask for Andrew Dice Clay or Lisa Lampenelli because they are terrible. The most common question I've been asked is - "How long does each drawing take you?" To be honest, it varies. Some drawing take 20 minutes and some are well over an hour. I try to limit myself to how much time put into each one, but it doesn't always work out. It's no surprise that drawing celebrities take longer and there have been a few drawings that I've abandoned half-way through for various reasons - the most common being "that looks terrible."

I think most of these turned out okay and a few people mentioned I didn't need to include a title / name since everyone was recognizable. I'll call that a big win! Also, if you have a question about the project or anything in general - let me know!

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