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Week 30: Drawing A Day (Days 204 - 210)

An important fact about me is that I love the olympics. REALLY love the Olympics. The winter games win over the summer games because they are crazier and death seems more likely which raises the stakes 1,000%. There's not a lot of risk in sand volleyball but flying 90 mph down an ice slide on your back seems like madness.

I love the olympics because it's the closest to world peace I think we'll ever get. All countries work together to compete in one place at one time and I'm baffled by how smooth everything appears to run. Even in the petri dish of Rio (seriously, the logo didn't help) more athletes were cheering each other on and helping each other along the way. I love that. All the emotions, all the people, all the nationalities and all the event planning - GAH! love nerding out to the games so hard.

And these people work out EVERY DAY for YEARS to compete for sometimes SECONDS. It's unbelievable. So, this project seems comical in comparison by I thank the Rio Games for giving me inspiration to keep drawing. It's not like I was running a marathon or swimming 16 laps of a pool against Katie Ledecky.

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