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Week 28: Drawing A Day (Days 190 - 196)

Here's the thing, I've turned to my husband sitting quietly at the other end of the couch and proclaimed "I can't possibly do this anymore" so many times I'm now a distant relative to Chicken Little. "Why am I doing this?", "No one is really interested in a 195th drawing on social media" - I say these phrases often to him - and he responds, ever supportive, by kissing me on my forehead and replies "you've said that before." So, he doesn't want to indulge in my complaining. He's a smart guy.

And, he's right. I've said it before and I'll say it probably 15-20 more times again at least. Mom, I know you're the only person who reads these so I'll try to keep my kvetching to a minimum on the blog. Sorry.

I've realized that while I'm exercising a creative muscle I'm also exercising discipline and those two states of being are usually at war most of the time. So, basically, I'm in the heart of the Civil War of the drawing a day project. So here are seven more battles - I mean, drawings.

It was a long road to 200 drawings, but I made it. Read about it in the next post!

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